Jasmine Webb

Jasmine Webb (AKA Jasmine Spits, Jasmine, Mistress Webb, Jasmine Web…) is a British pornstar. This ebony hottie was born on October the 6th, 1983, in London, England. She’s beautiful so she doesn’t need tons of makeup to look good. Her lips are full and they look like they were simply made for kissing and sucking cocks. Her eyes are brown, but very often she wears colored contact lenses (and the lenses are usually blue). Her hair is long and black (sometimes it’s brown). This MILF is very fit – her body is toned, and she said that she doesn’t exercise a lot at all (good genes, I suppose).

  • Age: old enough
  • Sex/Orientation: female
  • Body Type: Slim / athletic
  • Location: UK
  • Kinks:
  • Random Fact: