Amile Waters

Amile Waters is a babe with an exotic background. She comes from Cuba, where they speak Spanish and really love to fuck. Amile has kind of chubby cheeks and a bright eyed look, but what she really wants is to suck dick and get fucked all day and night. Starting in 2007 right around the age of 22, Amile did some anal films from the start. That’s because Ms. Waters loves the feeling of a stiff rod in her backdoor, and tries to get it there as much as possible. Amile Waters is a big squirter. She loves the feeling of shooting juice out of her pussy when she is super aroused and cumming hard.

  • Age: old enough
  • Sex/Orientation: female
  • Body Type: Naturally curvy
  • Location:
  • Kinks: anal, squirting
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