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It’s shower time for Playboy Cha Chii. Just before stepping in she notices Charlie standing in the corner at this post. “Hey Charlie, do you like what you see?” Teasing Charlie is Cha Chii’s specialty, she slowly applies the soap, making sure twist just a bit, giving Charlie a full view. The suds look particularly pleasing on her huge tits. Charlie wishes those clean nipples were in mouth. He doesn’t care if he would need to sallow some soap if it meant he could flick his tongue over them as they become hard. “Charlie, take a peak” Cha Chii puts on foot on the edge of the tub so Charlie can have a better view of her spreading her ass cheeks. She rubs soap across her ample ass then spreads her cheeks again so he can see her asshole pucker.  After a nice long rinse, Cha Chii offers Charlie the towel so he can do his duty and dry her off.

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