Spying on Neevie getting dirty in the shower

Neevie is looking forward to a relaxing shower. Charlie can’t resist peaking through the partially open door. Neevie turns on the water, Charlie gets a little more bold and craws into the bathroom then sits next to the tub thinking Neevie won’t notice him since the shower curtain is drawn. Just seconds later Neevie turns and sees Charlie staring at her. First she scolds him, then she decides because Charlie has been a good boy lately why not give him a show. Neevie is feeling a little frisky, she also knows Charlie doesn’t deserve to release his built up cum. So why not tease him by masturbating in the shower. Neevie has one of her favorite toys on hand. A clear dildo with a suction cup, perfect her “sitting on” at the edge of the tub. She slowly slides it in, wanting to get a rise out of Charlie.   When she is almost sure Charlie can’t take anymore, she switches positions and lays back in the tub. Legs spread wide Neevie continues to use her dildo. Ordering Charlie not to cum, at least not before she does. Neevie is all clean, she turns off the water and grabs a towel, still teasing Charlie by not allowing him to dry her off. He follows her into the bedroom where Neevie continues to towel herself dry. Soon after Neevie crawls onto the bed and dismisses Charlie for real this time, with his blue balls and his hard cock in hand. It was fun while it lasted …

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