JOI with a butt plug DP edition – Goth Cakez

Goth Cakez is a black femdom goddess that knows how to tease Charlie. Even long distance she can keep him in his place. She let’s him know that she controls his cock, and he doesn’t get to cum until she gives him permission. Goth looks very tempting in her white body stocking than Charlie brought for her. The session starts with a dance, innocent enough right? Not with Goth in this outfit. Now that Charlie is worked up it’s time to take out the toys. Goth has a large collection, all gifts from admirers. She begins by stroking 2 dildos, just to get Charlie worked up a bit more. Then out comes the butt plug. We know where that goes. But first some lube, a lot of lube. Goth slowly removes for body stocking to reveal her perfect curves. She spreads some more lube across her bubble butt so it shines in the light. Now it’s time to insert the butt plug. Charlie and You are treated with up close view as the Goth slowly inserts the plug. Then a little ass clapping. With the plug inserted Goth makes good use of the rest of the toys. Multiple DP setups. Dildos, a wand, and of course the butt plug are all in play. Will you last as long as Charlie?

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