Pov Multiple Toy Anal Play

Diamond is open to experimentation. She loves her toys. She has a tempting new lingerie set and a set of fresh butt plugs. And you have an up close and personal view. She starts with a tease, giving you only a glimpse of what’s under her robe. Wouldn’t you like to see it all? Maybe covered in oil? You have to be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Did we mention Diamond has a new set of butt plugs? You know what that means right? Multiple sizes. So we’ll start small. Watch her butt hole grip it as it slides in. Wait a sec, we may need some more lube. That little thing isn’t enough to fill Diamond. Time to move up a size. Diamond pushes it in ever so slowly, letting her butt hole devour that poor plug. After it’s all the way in Diamond makes it jump and pulse. Diamond isn’t finished yet, she has another toy she want’s to use. A pink cordless wand, her favorite color. But Diamond isn’t done with you yet. She has one more toy to try out. A glass dildo that she can’t resist plunging into her butt hole. Enough you need to see this one for yourself

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