Carmen – Double Fuck N Finish Free

Date: Apr 03, 2019
Duration: 2 Min | Model/s: Carmen |

Sometimes we get fighters. Not this time. Carmen may have been expecting this type of therapy. She didn’t flinch when we reached down for a handful of pussy. She wanted it!!!

Now we tell her the rules. They are simple. Take care of us and we will consider letting you go. She gets it.

She has been a pretty good girl so far, but don’t tell her we said that. She will still get spanked like the rest of these dirty girls. While she is spanked, I hate to see that mouth go without being used. Just doesn’t seem efficient. Open up.

Carmen (Nikki Cumdump) takes the dicks to her mouth then gets pumped from behind from Doc M while her tits swing back and forth so sweetly.
Doc M drops a fat load on her back then is nice enough to wipe it off for her before Doc J gets to fucking doggystyle.  Doc J is not as polite, and makes her clean up his load herself…

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