Bonus Content | Two For One (Full EROTICA short story) – Charliy Chu
Two For One (Full EROTICA short story) – Charliy Chu
Posted on May 23, 2019 Jake Sperrow

Created and edited by: Carliy Chu

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He kissed my lips as he was on his way out. He laid it just-fucking-right. I closed the door and headed into my bedroom for sleep. Early morning ahead of me.

I stop in the bathroom first. I need to remove the bit of makeup I’d applied earlier. He’d damn near sucked off all my lipstick, and rubbed off my eyebrows. Men. No regard for a woman’s makeup.


Anyways, washing my face before bed always helped me sleep better. I grab my phone after finishing to place it on the charger. As I set it down, it rings. It’s ​him​. My other. My favorite.

Hmmm. Tempting.

I know what he wants, but…I can’t. Not two in one night, but …

I answer,  “Hey, you!”

I can hear him smiling back. Before he could respond, I cut him off, “I can hear you smiling already.” He laughs aloud.

“I’m on my way,” he says.

I stop in my tracks. “Nah, not tonight,” I say.

He’s quiet.

“I have an early morning meeting. I wish you would have caught me earlier,” I say.

“You’ll be ok,” he hangs up.


If I’m honest with him, he’ll be pissed. Can I really get away with saying, “Sorry buddy, dick just left?” I think not. He thinks he’s the only one. Hell, he KNOWS he’s the only one. I can’t tell him that I was just suitably, satisfactorily, progressively, and admirably sucking dick up and down less than​ 10 minutes ago. He’ll never get over it. He’s sensitive.

Okay.. I can handle this, people do this all the time…it’s just sex.

I head into the bathroom to freshen up, but caught a glance in the mirror. Shit! I just washed off my damn makeup! I’m still fine, but…I like to be extra for him.

I’m looking in the mirror…still feeling blown out. Lips still sexually swollen.

I can still feel the imprint of the dick that was just in my mouth. Okay, it’s best that I disinfect.

I brush and rinse.

My skin. I start to rub my body.


My skin still feels raw from my last session! There was so much gripping, grabbing, pulling, sucking, and biting…. I need to ​not ​​do this! He’ll be able to tell.

Shit…too late for this now.

I hope I can play this off. Hmm…I’ll just give him head until he cums. That’ll satisfy him and I’ll send him on his way.

Perfect! That’s my plan… easy-peasy.


Damn that was fast! He’s here already. Okay…washcloth!

I soaped the washcloth and hit all my hotspots in a matter of seconds. I don’t believe I’ve ever moved this fast before. He knocked at the door a few more times, but…no. He was just going to have to wait. I reach for the hand towel and dry off. I can now hear my phone ringing. I toss on a silk robe and dash to the door. I open it slowly and with a yawn.

“Sorry, I fell asleep. I told you I was tired.”

He looks as if he can see right through my lie. Whatever.

I leave the door open and walk back down the long dark hallway to my room. Entering, I spot the condom the other guy and I just used! Shit! I skurry over and shove it into the pocket of my robe. He didn’t notice. My lips are still slightly swollen from the last guy sucking on them, I’m tired, and my pussy still feels wide open. I shouldn’t have answered!!


Ok.. calm down.


…yea… definitely just head for this guy. Only for him. He’s damn near my boyfriend! I really need to chill with this shit. But …whatever.

He takes his jacket off…then his shoes. I watch him. I love the way he moves. It’s dimmer in here than it was by the door. His movements reflect a shadow onto my wall that’s turning me on again. Looks like something out of a movie. I’d much rather him than the other guy, but…I’ve made my bed. He strips himself of his shirt and pants, just leaving on his briefs. I lie in bed and he joins me. He’s facing me. My hairs are starting to stand. I’m not so sleepy anymore.


We finally lock eyes after they fully adjust to the darkness in here. I scoot closer to begin my plan. Time to get this going. I pull him to the bed and crawl on top of him. I wrap my arms underneath his to bring him close to me. I’m leaving little kisslettes on his neck and chest. (Yes, I said “kisslettes”). He gestures for a kiss, but I can’t. I shouldn’t. There was just a dick in there. I need to deflect. I go under the covers.

I just had raw dick in my mouth. Yes, I brushed…but this feels weird. I wrap the covers around us, and dive under. I pull his dick through the hole in his briefs. We are eye to eye. I can’t see it, but I can feel it. He is fully erect and my mouth is watering. He has no idea what he does to me. I hold him in my hand and bang him against my tongue. The palm of my hand is keeping him in place while I tease the shaft of his manhood. Before I begin, I scoot his legs open just a tad bit more for extra room. He obeys. I take the tip of my tongue and gently brush it along the bottom of his sack.


I stroke his dick simultaneously with the saliva I’d just left up there. I gradually become more aggressive. He likes it slow first. Moving my hand up and down seems to absorb my spit. My hand starts to drag ruggedly, but he seems to like the imperfection.

I’m licking his balls from the back of my tongue to the front, his body is responding. He’s moaning slightly.

I love that shit. He’s starting to turn me on. I need to hurry up and make him bust before I want some.

I’m ready for the main event, but there are steps. I start to lick from the back of his ball sack to the top of his dick. I do it once. Really slow. I do it again…even slower. Spit is now dripping heavily from my tongue. His legs are starting to move like he’s ready to penetrate my mouth. That’s exactly where I need him. I slightly open my mouth, allowing my tongue and teeth to tickle his head. I felt his body shiver…he’s ready. I french kiss it. I love the sound from the pop of my tongue. Performing a licking and sucking motion, I bring my hand to the base of his dick while I am playing with the tip. Slowly jacking him in rhythm with my mouth. Now, I need to wet the dick more. Once I wet the whole thing, I won’t need my hands. My strokes are becoming more and more faster. Slob, white and clear starts leaking from my mouth, I used that to massage his balls. He’s in total bliss.

Perfect. My plan is in full effect…

I move my attention to the tip of his dick and I remove my hands. Somewhat laying in his lap, I prop my hands beneath his ass for better leverage. His entire area is soaked. He likes it this way. I hold my breath and drop my face as hard as I can repeatedly on his dick. Doing my best to provide his definition of “sloppy toppy.” My nose is hitting his belly. My pussy is aching to fuck him. She’s practically clawing her way up to him. I’m turning myself on. Feeling him fall into my mouth like this makes me want to feel him in every hole.


No, no, no! I can’t! That’s not right.

He places his hands on the back of my head slightly guiding me. I don’t mind. Whatever it takes. I need him to cum before I …

Shit! …my nose is running.

…I’ll ignore it. If I stop, he’s going to try and take control.

I start to sniff and suck. He hates when I do that for too long. I hold my breath again and rest the tip of his dick into the bottom of my throat. Vastly moving it in and out of my throat only. Producing a rhythmic swallow, I can feel him pulsating. I never pull him from my mouth. His body begins to quiver. The head of his dick is rubbing the back of my throat continuously. My goodness. I keep at this hoping to allow him to spill down my throat, but he doesn’t. He’s holding back.

I need to come up for air.

I straddle him and reach for a tissue on my nightstand. I wipe, not blow.


“You have something against kissing me tonight?” He asked.

FUCK! This is why I didn’t want to stop. Here’s the questions.

I toss the tissue into the trash by the bed. It makes it in.

“Tonight is only about you,” I lie.

I lean down to kiss his forehead, he unravels my robe. He sits up, and starts to kiss a trail up my stomach. Dancing his tongue around the bottom of my breasts, I know what he’s up to. He wants my pussy. This feels too good to keep denying him access… I need a new plan. But…now I can’t think too straight. He licks up to my areola then devours my nipple. Slightly nibbling on it…I go fully erect. He moves to the next one, and it follows suit.


My pussy is a faucet right now. I start to play with the other nipple so it can stay erect while he attends to the other. Shit…this man is going to be the death of me. I move my other hand to my pussy. I need to cum. He’s watching as I jab at my clit like it’s a punching bag. I’m desperate. I need to cum. I start to moan out of control… I’m about to cum. I’m moving my hips into my own hand. My head falls back, then…he moves my hand.

What the fuck! I sit up.

He grabs both my wrist with one hand and pulls me onto my side. Still positioned perfectly between my legs, I’m stuck. He kisses my lips and forces his knuckles into my pussy. I gasp. He’s never done that before. My water falls like Niagra. He does it repeatedly until all four are in. My pussy grabs onto his hand like a mitten. His tongue is flowing through my mouth like a snake in the grass…but only I’M feeling like the snake tonight. His tongue skates circles on my neck. I can’t keep still. I’m moving my body against his knuckles like it’s his dick.

I move his hands aside, grab his dick, and stick him in.

I know.. I know.

Definitely going to hell.

But…he was asking for it!


I see fireworks.

My eyes are staring out the back of my head. He’s stroking me long and slow. He turns me fully onto my back and opens me fully forcing my ankles to my ears. I obey. His dick dragging across my walls, kept my nipples at attention.

I dripped all over him. My milky pour covered his dick until it shined. I demanded,

“Cum in my mouth,”

He ignores my request until he’s ready. Still clashing inside of me, I begin to feel that tingle. I tell him, “I’m about to cum, daddy..”

He lifts off me.

I deserved that.

He wasn’t ready.


I told him to cum in my mouth so I could taste my milk. It had very little to do with him or his milk. I’m selfish. My pussy juice scraped onto my cheeks as I roughly pulled him in and out of my mouth. Again, my other hand massaging his balls. He looks down to me, “Shit. Can I cum?”

I nod.

He holds the back of my head and penetrates my face like it’s my pussy. No mercy and I wasn’t asking for it. I hold my breath and begin to finger my pussy to keep up the pace. This would have been the perfect time for a threesome.

“Shit… I’m about to cum,”

I remove his hands from the back of my head and slam my face into his stomach as hard and as quickly as possible all on my own. I never needed his help. I’m sending his dick continually and steadily down my throat. I’ve worked on my gag reflex. This doesn’t bother me. With each thrust, he beings to convulse. My pussy is dripping all over my hand. We’re cuming at the same time. He is still pushing inside of me, but not pulling out much. He’s giving it all to me. Watering my garden.

Well…this didn’t go as planned. But …whatever.

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