Bonus Content | “People always assume I’m mean and stuck up cause of how I look But when they get to know me they fall in love ” @reneeelovee
“People always assume I’m mean and stuck up cause of how I look But when they get to know me they fall in love ” @reneeelovee
Posted on April 17, 2020 Charlie



Hello I’m known by Reneelovee in the entertainment industry, I was born in Sacramento California, currently live in Las Vegas Nevada. I’m a 25 years old Capricorn tall and petite with long legs I love to model , read get my fans happy and make sweets .


  • How does it feel to know so many strangers are aroused by your clips, posts, tweets, etc ?

Honestly It feels good that other people can get off just by looking at my pics or videos makes me feel good that they are feeling good makes me want to do more for them .

  • Tell us about your tattoos and piercings

Lol with that I’m a lame I have only 1 tattoo on my forearm that say “faith” I got it done like 3 months ago, it kind of hurt lol and I only have my ears pierced.

  • How long have you been a content creator? What is your favorite platform?

I have been a content creator for a good 4 years but it was only for personal buyers , I just recently made a onlyfans account to show others my work and build my fan base up . Right now I only have a onlyfans account .

  • What is the most creative pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Lol Can I put my number in your phone cause I lost mines

  • Are you a dom, sub, or switch in your personal life?

Honestly it depends on the person and what mood I am in cause I can be both 


  • Have you experimented with femdom? Did you enjoy it? Do you have a favorite femdom activity?

Yes I have experienced femdom , I do enjoy pleasing them. My favorite ones are footworship , teasing , oral and phone cyber .


  • What is the most sensitive part of your body?

Most sensitive part on my body is my clitoris and nipples

  • What is your wildest or most unexpected experience on a shoot?

Wildest moment on shoot lol everything is wild everything is freaky    

  • What is something you haven’t done on a shoot that you’ve wanted to try? Is there anything you think you’ll never do sexually?

I always wanted to do G/G action at a shoot . Honestly No I’ll try everything once . 

  • What part of your body do you feel goes underappreciated?

Nothing really everything gets noticed . Not to sound cocky  

  • Who is the most fun and/or laidback person you’ve ever worked with?

My photographer is chill cool and laid back I love shooting with him 

  • Most models say they like the interaction with fans through CAMs and social media, in just a few words how would you describe your fans?

Loyal , faithful and freaky

  • Do you visit adult sites?

Yes I do my favorite one is pornhub 

  • Do you watch your own movies? Does it turn you on?

Yes and yes it better turn me on lol 

  • What is something people always assume about you and are always wrong about?

People always assume I’m mean and stuck up cause of how I look But when they get to know me they fall in love 

  • What is the next, project, shoot, etc?

Next project already happened go look on my Onlyfans , they just dropped today .

  • Are guys intimidated by you?

Yes and they should be 



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