Bonus Content | PAY YOUR PIANO TEACHER!!!!
Posted on April 29, 2019 Jake Sperrow

Ever pretend to be a Piano teacher on C-list just to lure hot women to your pad to convince them to put you in their mouth???  Just me????  My creep levels have risen to a new amazing level.  CREEP-LIFE.


Wendi Williams XXX really wants to learn how to play the piano.  Jake Sperrow has an old ass dusty one in his house, but he has no clue how to play it.  She doesn’t know that he doesn’t know, so everything works out perfectly.  A horrible piano lesson, turns to a wonderful tit fuck and blowjob, that turns to a pair of big brown titties covered in white man sperm.

Wendi Williams XXX

Also, did you know that if you join any of our sites, you get them all?  Food for thought.


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