Bonus Content | Charliy Chu – Introduction
Charliy Chu – Introduction
Posted on March 05, 2019 Charliy Chu

Hey! I’m Charliy. I own The Cumpany Room, LLC and I write for this blog! The Cumpany Room is for adults to read erotica, submit erotica art work for show at no cost, and indulge in sex coaching. I will begin sharing my creative writing pieces here as well as the sexiest models I can find along with their contact information! I search high and low for the next big talent to stimulate your minds. For now, you can find my creative writing and oh-so-sexy audio at:

You can follow me on Instagram: charliychu

You can follow me on Facebook: Charliy Chu

You can follow me on Twitter: Charliy Chu

Oh, and here’s a teaser. Yea, that’s me! Nice to meet you all! Come say hi!

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