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Charliy Chu – Dating In 2019
Posted on July 27, 2019 Charliy Chu

Dating in 2019 is more like being an extra in a rap video, but dating in Detroit is much worse! I’m ALWAYS asked, “Why are you single?” Well, that’s a trick question. It’s me. It’s the options available. It’s the river, it’s the lakes, it’s everything! If you have any bit of standards, you’re boujee. You’re stuck up. Someone recently told me GOD can’t even meet my standards. I said, “Who’s that?”

I’d like a fine young gentlemen to speak proper English. I don’t care where the language came from. If we speak it, speak it right! I’d like for him not to have a million and a half small children! I was told that a man in his 30’s is going to have small children and I am shooting for the stars on that one.


Dating a man with a 1-year-old is insane to me. He LITERALLY just bussed a nut in the last bitch he was fucking! My child is 8. Soon will be 9. I am out of the diaper phase and I would like any man I’m with to simply be on that same page.

Groom yourself! Have goals! Be in the process of meeting them! Have some sort of work ethic whether you’re working for yourself or someone else.

Let the woman treat sometimes! I don’t believe we are still in the ’50s or ’60s. A woman can slide her card a time or two as well. I feel like I have a type that doesn’t exist. You wana know why I’m single? I’m going to start sharing EVERY experience I have with today’s dating experience. I’m approached by sex trafficking sugar daddies, young beautiful men still stuck on their ex, men with no clue on how to speak the English language, I have men that like me, but refuses to trust me because I’m attractive, and there are the guys that are so desperate for love, they propose on day one.

One thing I’m good at is how NOT to die. These men are crazy and I refuse to settle. That’s why I’m single. Here’s my latest post. It’s my experience of Dating The Walking Dead.

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