Bonus Content | “I switch but majority of the time I’m for sure a sub …” Harmony Cage @sweet_harmony69
“I switch but majority of the time I’m for sure a sub …” Harmony Cage @sweet_harmony69
Posted on August 12, 2019 Charlie


Hey I’m Harmony Cage. I was born in Charlotte North Carolina but, raised in Gary Indiana. I currently live in Atlanta GA but , I travel alot. I’ve been in the Adult Industry for about 4 years with taking a 1 1/2 off due to having my second child. I started the industry as Harmony Rose however, changed my name to Harmony Cage. I love my job and I wouldn’t change it or my experiences.

  • How does it feel to know so many strangers are aroused by the clips , post , tweets etc ?

Its a turn on I love it . I know i can make a guy instantly hard is a turn on. Makes me feel even more sexy! I love the attention I get.

  • Do you have any tattoos and piercings ?

yes i have 9 tattoos . arm (gemini sign love n loyalty),both shoulder(HEARTNROSE) , thigh(psalms 27) , finger(hearts) , tamp stamp(real name), back shoulder(oldest son name), neck(preferr not to say) , side(name) . The tattoo on the back of my neck was most painful and my most recent was my rosse tattoo. 2 years ago.


  • How long have you been a content creator ?

I consider myself a pornstar or starlet. I only provide content to certain talents . my favorite content site is onlyfans and manyvids.

  • What is the most creative pick up line i have heard ?

excuse me , don’t i know you ? um no i don’t think so . you sure ? yes …. well let me change that and take you to dinner tonight .. lol i smiled and laughed and went to dinner with him.

  • Are you a dom , sub , or switch in your personal life ?

I switch but majority of the time I’m for sure a sub …

  • What is the most sentive part of your body ?

inner thigh

  • What is the wildest or most unexpected experience in a shoot ?

When i kept squirting on slim pokes dick . First time squirting on camera. And my 5 man gangbang and actually ending up loving doing anal

  • What is something i want to try and haven’t done ?

GLORYHOLE  Is there something i wouldn’t do ? RIM JOBS and GOLDEN SHOWERS (recieving)

  • What part of my body i feel is unappreciated ?

My ass because i don’t have one but i really love booty rubs and you grabbing it when you fucking me.


  • Who is the most fun/laidback person i ever worked with ?

well there’s 2 a female and male .. male is rozay aka benji bands and female is shanice luv them 2 my homies forever !!

  • How do i describe my fans ?

FUN , LOYAL , HONEST , and they will defend me. i think i have formed great relationships with a few of my fans thats been around since i’ve been around.

  • my favorite adult site ?

xxxnx they get straight to the nasty !!!

  • do i watch my own movies ?

yes all the time . Do they turn me on ? yes i love watch myself fuck.

  • What is something everybody assumes about you and is always wrong?

Everybody always assume I WILL tap out on the DICK and they are ALWAYS WRONG !!!

  • what is my next project ?

lets keep so things a secret ( wink . wink ) but i do have BIG things in action .

  • Are guys intimidated by me ?

regular guys some , porn guys no 

  • Where can fans find me ?

insta: harmonyxcage

twitter: @sweet_harmony69


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